Minutes of June 20, 2018 Vestry Meeting

Present:  The Reverend Dr. Deborah White, Stan Applegate (Sr. Warden), Les Marks (Jr. Warden), Paula Menconi (Treasurer), Lynda Dyer, Pat Hambly, Sally Hanson, Ron Luttringer, Connie Towey, The Rev. Walter Ramsey

Absent:  Josh Senn

Guests:  Jennifer Sabroe (Clerk)


  1. Call to Order and Opening Prayer.  The meeting was called to order at 5:04 p.m. by Rev. Deb who led the opening prayer.


  1. Bible Study. Friendly Fire.


  • Consent Agenda Items – It was M/S/C (Marks/Applegate) to approve: the minutes of the May 9, 2018, Vestry meeting; Rector’s Report; Senior Warden’s Report; Junior Warden’s Report; and the Treasurer’s Report.


  1. Old Business


  1. Update on Music Director Search. Deb updated the Vestry on the search and reported that until the position is filled, Kathleen Flemming will cover as substitute organist, beginning July 8.


  1. Update on Ministry Teams

SERVICE. Deacon Walter reported that research into Kindness Kits is still in progress. It was learned that the Coordinated Outreach Referral Engagement program (C.O.R.E.), through Contra Costa County Health Services has a distribution strategy and protocol for homeless and people in need, and does not use kits with assorted items. The Outreach Committee met on Sunday, June 10, and heard a presentation from Scott Williams, Team Leader with C.O.R.E. and Children and Young Adults Pastor at Morello Hills Christian Church in Martinez. Jennifer gave a brief summary of Scott’s presentation about Nomadic Communities.

WORSHIP AND LITURGY.  The Worship and Liturgy committee met yesterday (June 19.)  Les reported that there was discussion about changes in the liturgy for a portion of the Season after Pentecost. In response to a question from John Lee, Rev. Deb explained that the portions of the liturgy that we can change are: Credal Statement, Eucharistic Prayer, Prayers of the People, and Lord’s Prayer.  The group agreed to use a different Eucharistic Prayer for a trial period during the long Season after Pentecost.  Rev. Deb explained that one of the driving forces behind the 1979 BCP revision was to make it less clergy-centric and include more participation of the people — closer to early Christian worship. More of a “return” than an “update.” To that end, the Worship and Liturgy committee agreed to begin having members of the congregation lead the Prayers of the People from the congregation. Rev Deb indicated that there was also interest and discussion about writing our own Prayers of the People, but this would be farther down the line.

EDUCATION.  Rev. Deb reported that Amelia Brooks has agreed to head up an Education Commission. Amelia is connecting with Marj Leeds and Barbara Brooks to serve on the commission, along with Rev. Deb. Amelia will oversee all education options here at Grace.

Rev. Deb reported that the presentation on Sunday by The Rev. Dr. Ruth Meyers on Episcopal Liturgy was well received, and there is enthusiasm for a “Part 2.”

EVANGELISM. There was an article on the faith page of the Martinez Gazette last week that Rev. Deb submitted about Bishop Curry’s sermon at the royal wedding.

PARISH LIFE.  Stan reported that the Bocce Picnic on June 10 was a great time – with 40-50 attending at Rodgers-Smith Park in Pleasant Hill. The tournament games were close, with the men winning overall.

The Bishop will be here for his bi-annual Episcopal visit on July 1.

A reminder that because there are several events happening over the summer, the monthly BBQs won’t be happening this year.

PASTORAL CARE.  Rev. Deb provided information on pastoral care needs.

STEWARDSHIP. Rev. Deb reported that John Lee has confirmed he will chair the Stewardship Committee. He’s making contacts with individuals to sit on the committee. The campaign will have a definite start and stop date, TBD. More information will be provided as it develops.


  1. Buildings and Grounds. Many thanks to Jack Case who has been putting in a lot of time and effort mowing the ever-thriving weeds along the driveway, parking lot, and back of the parish hall.  The goats have been scheduled to address the surrounding slopes of the property. The pepper tree has been trimmed, as well as the evergreens near the parking lot light (northside of parking lot). Grace Church Property signs have been installed at the bottom of both “driveways” to the upper lot. A Backyard Clean-up Day will be scheduled after the Bishop’s Visit.


  1. Calendar overview. July 1, Bishop’s Visit and Confirmations; July 15, Martinez Clippers game (invited by Men’s Group); August 18, Hawaiian-themed event (hosted by St. Christopher’s)


  1. Bishop’s Visit on July 1, 2018. Rev. Deb met with The Rev. Canon Abbott Bailey, the new Canon to the Ordinary, for planning of the Bishop’s visit. Bishop Marc will do both services, with six Confirmations at the 10:00. Madi Taylor will be the Bishop’s Chaplain at both services. Bishop Marc will meet with confirmands at 9:00 a.m. He will meet with the Vestry after the 10:00 service (or will break out of the reception for the meeting.) There will be a reception following the 10:00 service. St. Christopher’s Guild will host. After that, the Bishop will go to lunch with the Rector and her family. Abbot will make her own visit to Grace on another date. Eric Metoyer will also come to talk later in the year.
  2. Development on adjacent property; request from real estate agent. Deb reported that she still has heard nothing more on the request from a real estate agent.
  3. Yoga Update. There have been no takers on coming to teach Yoga at Grace.
  4. Closed Session for confidential personnel issues. (6:04 p.m. – 6:10) There was consensus in closed session to move forward on personnel issue as discussed.
  5. Action item: (M/S/C (Luttringer/Dyer) A member of the congregation cannot be hired for any paid position.
  6. New Business
  7. Deb reported on her attendance at the College of Congregational Development weeklong conference at Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg.
  8. Deb led a discussion on Group Norms. There was consensus to establish the following at Grace:

Grace Episcopal Church Behavioral Norms

These three simple rules will help us live in harmony as a Christian Community. Please follow them at all meetings, activities, and interactions.

  1. Follow the words of Jesus: Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself.
  2. Show RESPECT for all people; i.e., – follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
  3. Do not gossip. If something is confidential, keep it to yourself; if something is bothering you, talk to the person/people involved.


  1. Closing Prayer and Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m. with dismissal by Deacon Walter.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Sabroe, Clerk

Royal Wedding Preacher’s Message is at home at Grace Episcopal Church




“We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love. And when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world. Love is the only way.” So said The Most Reverend Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, in his sermon at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle, now Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Bishop Curry’s wedding sermon was hailed by many as “radical,” but Episcopalians who are familiar with his preaching style found it completely consistent with the message Bishop Curry promotes in every venue he visits.  Love, inclusion, and the need to follow Jesus’s commands to love your neighbor not just in theory but also in practice are typical themes for the bishop and for the church.

Curry’s enthusiasm and abiding faith that the world can be renewed when all people learn to love one another as much as themselves can be found here at Grace, where we demonstrate our commitment to Episcopal principles in our Mission Statement, “Working together to welcome, support, and serve all God’s people.” Curry visited with some of Grace’s members last year and Rev. Deb has long been an admirer of Bishop Curry.  In a recent sermon, she said, “God is a God of connection not separation. God is a God of justice, not discrimination. God is a God of generosity, not greed. God [sometimes asks us] to put aside rules that encourage prejudice and inequity and share the impartial and boundless love that we experience in [our] relationship with Jesus the Christ.”

Come and see!

Minutes from Vestry Meeting May 9, 2018

Present: The Reverend Dr. Deborah White, Les Marks (Jr. Warden), Paula Menconi (Treasurer), Sally Hanson,
Connie Towey, Josh Senn
Absent: Stan Applegate, Pat Hambly, Lynda Dyer, Ron Luttringer, The Rev. Walter Ramsey
Guests: Jennifer Sabroe (Clerk)
I. Call to Order and Opening Prayer. The meeting was called to order at 5:10 p.m. by Rev. Deb who led the
opening prayer.
II. Bible Study. Spiritual Calling.
III. Consent Agenda Items – It was M/S/C (Marks/Menconi) to approve: the minutes of the April 11, 2018, Vestry
meeting; minutes of the April 28, 2018, Vestry Retreat; Rector’s Report; Senior Warden’s Report; Junior
Warden’s Report; and the Treasurer’s Report.
IV. Old Business
1. Update on Music Director Search. We are hoping to wrap up the search soon.
2. Update on Ministry Teams
SERVICE. The Outreach Committee met on Sunday, and the Kindness Kits matter came up again. The
Outreach Committee would like to revisit the distribution plan, but they understand no changes can be
made to the plan at this point. Instead, the committee will gather information from community resources
that have active programs in place (Martinez Police Department and Coordinated Outreach, Referral and
Engagement (CORE)), to learn what they are doing and if they can advise or make recommendations to us
about how to serve the homeless in our community. The Outreach Committee will report back to Rev. Deb
for next steps. It is understood that no changes will be made without first holding an all-parish meeting to
communicate and discuss.
WORSHIP AND LITURGY. The W&L committee will be meeting this week. The season of Pentecost will
trigger liturgy changes.
EDUCATION. Rev. Deb reported that she will meet with Amelia Brooks, who has expressed an interest in
heading up an Education Committee. This committee would include Marj Leeds and Barbara Brooks (Godly
Play), as well as Josh and Jes Senn (Youth Group). The Wednesday morning Bible Study is going well. The
Good Book Club series on Luke and Acts concluded this week. Next week, Rev. Deb will begin a series
entitled: “Paul for Everyone.” Attendance has increased on Wednesday mornings, with 9-12 people
EVANGELISM. Deacon Walter, Mary Canale, Leslie Kolesa, and Chandra Damele represented Grace at the CC
Interfaith Council’s Green Spirit booth at Earth Day at John Muir House on April 21. Another event is coming
up in June – Gay Pride – at Todos Santos Plaza, Concord. We have been asked to share an interfaith booth
that day.
PARISH LIFE. (See calendar item)

Grace Episcopal Church, Martinez, CA Vestry Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2018

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PASTORAL CARE. Rev. Deb provided information on pastoral care needs.
STEWARDSHIP. Rev. Deb reported that John Lee will be leading the Stewardship campaign this year. She
will be meeting with him to discuss this year’s plan.
3. Buildings and Grounds. Josh installed a non-lethal squirrel trap on the upper lot. So far, there have been
none captured. The new playground fence is up. The inside of play area needs to be weeded. It was noted
that when we have the money, that new tan bark should be put down. Rev. Deb reported that the tall
weeds in back have been cut down (McNamara landscaping). Also, she met with the tree trimmer, who will
trim the trees on a regular basis, at no charge. The “Property of Grace Church” signs (3’x2’, reflective) for
the upper lot are on route. Buildings and Grounds will be meeting on Sunday.
4. Calendar overview for Spring. Rev. Deb reported that because there are already a number of events
scheduled the next several months, we will not schedule monthly parish BBQs. She also reminded everyone
that we need to coordinate with St. Christopher’s Guild when scheduling events. Plans are in the works for
an Opening Day family fun event, on Saturday, September 8. It is the same day as Jose Dyer’s Eagle Court of
Honor, which will be held in the sanctuary followed by a reception. Katie Reich has agreed to be co-chair of
Parish Life Committee (with Stan Applegate). The Bishop’s visit is scheduled July 1.
5. Vestry Retreat Feedback. Vestry members provided feedback on the April 28 retreat. There was consensus
that it was productive, and was good to spend time together, but it was a long day. Rev Deb indicated that it
will be revisited next year as possibly a 2-day retreat, so the work can be spread out, with more breaks, but
warned that this is more expensive.
6. Development on adjacent property; request from real estate agent. Rev. Deb shared a letter from a real
estate agent regarding an interest in acquiring the church’s property, and her email response.
7. Yoga Update. Rev. Deb reported that she wrote up a proposal for yoga, indicating we want something with
stretching and meditation, Tuesday or Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. The proposal has been posted by
the Cathedral’s Yoga Coordinator on a yoga teacher’s site and she’s waiting for responses.
8. Closed Session for confidential personnel issues. 6:04-6:08 p.m.
V. New Business
1. Vacation and Away Schedules. Dates were shared for the wardens, parish administrator, and rector’s
vacations/continuing education.
2. Discussion of committee liaisons. Rev. Deb informed the Vestry that once there is a committee in place
for each area of SWEEPS, it will be ideal to have a vestry liaison for each of the areas (e.g., Treasurer
would be the liaison to Stewardship Committee, attending Stewardship meetings and reporting back to
the Vestry.) Committees that still need to be formed are Evangelism and Stewardship. Rev. Deb also
indicated that she would like to have a Welcoming Committee, and a chair for Coffee Hour.
3. Additional Note to Jr. Warden Report. Les expressed his thanks to Jack Case for his work (done over
several days the previous week) cutting down the weeds along the northside of the driveway and
parking lot.
VI. Closing Prayer and Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m. with dismissal by Rev. Deb.
Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Sabroe, Clerk

Minutes from Vestry Retreat, April 28, 2018

Present:  The Reverend Dr. Deborah White (Rector), Stan Applegate (Sr. Warden), Les Marks (Jr. Warden), Paula Menconi (Treasurer), Lynda Dyer, Pat Hambly, Sally Hanson, Ron Luttringer, Connie Towey

Absent: Josh Senn, The Rev. Walter Ramsey

The meeting was held on the U.S.S. Potomac in Oakland


  1. Call to Order and Opening Prayer. The meeting was called to order at 9 a.m. by Rev. Deb


  1. Morning Prayer


  • Review of Agenda


  1. Getting to know you exercise – “What’s in your wallet”?


  1. Review of Vestry responsibilities and calling

This is a spiritual calling based on our individual gifts and ability to contribute. The vestry is responsible for upholding the statues and rules (canons) of the church. We are invited to grow spiritually through this process.


  1. Where we’ve been


  1. The Work of the Search Committee

What were the characteristics of our parish at that time? What were our goals (pastoral/congregational closeness; outreach; financial independence; volunteerism)? How are we doing on reaching them? What did we want in a Rector (Pastoral Care and Leadership; Worship Leader; Preacher; Stewardship Leader; Administration Leader; Christian Education Leader)? Did we get it?



  1. Review of Mutual Ministry Review

What issues of importance were identified and what were our perceptions on how we are doing with them (Communication; Transparency; Presence in the Greater Community; Growth; Worship; Christian Education).


  1. Review of Church Size Theory

Prior to Rev. Deb’s arrival, we were a Pastoral-sized (50-150 active members) parish operating like a family-sized parish (fewer than 50 active members).  In the last year, we have made many changes that have moved us towards operating as a pastoral-sized church.  Our plan: continue trajectory. Goal: Program-sized!


  1. Discussion of Change

Ron Luttringer introduced the question, “Why do we have to change at all? The group talked about the decline in church membership across all main-line churches and the need to be welcoming to non-traditional Episcopalians. We discussed St. Giles in Moraga and its closure. Liturgical change was also discussed. We acknowledged discomfort with change and fear of it but there was general consensus that it needs to happen if growth and health are to be obtained and maintained.


  • Noonday prayer


  • Lunch


  1. Getting to know you exercise – “The Newly-vestried Game”


  1. Where are we going?


  1. Review of Mission Statement

Mission Statements describe who you are and what you do: Grace Episcopal Church welcomes, supports, and serves all God’s people


  1. Vision Statements

Create a hopeful picture of a future in which our mission is accomplished; plays a key role in making change happen by shaping our actions; symbol of our faith.


  1. Things to keep in mind for the future– growth: personnel, the upper lot


  1. Development of Vision:


Grace Episcopal Church Martinez Vision Statement:


Grace Church will be a God-focused community that embraces all seekers into the ways of Jesus Christ, is present, caring, and compassionate to all we encounter and has the ability to physically and spiritually minister to our fellow human beings.


  1. Discussion about the Upper Lot


Discussion of discernment for use of upper lot.  It was decided that it was too soon to begin this process, but that when we do DCG Strategies seems to be a good option for obtaining consultation and assistance with it.


  • Brief Business meeting
    1. Confidential personnel matter
    2. Buildings and grounds (Washer/Dryer proposal; playground fence; yard clean-up)


  • Holy Eucharist and Dismissal (4:45 p.m.)



Respectfully submitted, by


Rev. Deb (Clerk pro-tem)


Grace Episcopal Church Vestry Minutes, April 11, 2018

Present:  The Reverend Dr. Deborah White, Stan Applegate (Sr. Warden), Les Marks (Jr. Warden), Paula Menconi (Treasurer), Lynda Dyer, Pat Hambly, Sally Hanson, Ron Luttringer, Connie Towey, The Rev. Walter Ramsey

Absent:  Josh Senn

Guests:  Jennifer Sabroe (Clerk)

I.     1.  Call to Order and Opening Prayer. The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Rev. Deb who led the opening prayer.

2.  Bible Study. Relationships: Family Expectations

 3.  Consent Agenda Items – It was M/S/C (Hambly/Towey) to approve the consent agenda as presented: the minutes of the March 14, 2018, Vestry meeting, the March 21, 2018, vote by email, Rector’s Report, Senior Warden’s Report, Junior Warden’s Report and the Financial Report.

II.     Old Business

  1. Update on Music Director Search. Rev Deb reviewed Holy Week coverage with respect to fill-in organists. This Sunday [April 15] another candidate will play at the 10 a.m. service. The search committee will then meet to determine finalists and begin reference checking. It is expected a decision will be made before the end of April.   Deb reviewed the committee’s selection process.
  2. Update on Ministry Teams

SERVICE. Outreach still trying to find a date for a meeting for the overall committee. Jennifer and Walter are conferring on scheduling that. Walter will facilitate the Kindness Kits project and get things going soon.

WORSHIP AND LITURGY. The committee meets next week. We’re set for Easter season, with the liturgy in place for the 50 days. There was discussion of the Gloria being used. Rev. Deb said we will give it another week and ask folks what they think (keep or change).

EDUCATION. Adult Formation. The Wednesday morning Bible Study continues with The Good Book Club series and has begun studying the Book of Acts. It’s going well, with good attendance and people seem to be enjoying it. Faith-full Forum on April 15 will feature Dr. Donn Morgan who will discuss his book, Fighting with the Bible: Why scripture divides us and how it can bring us together.  He will preach at the 8 a.m. service and give his presentation after the 10 a.m.

EVANGELISM. Rev. Deb shared a recent interaction between a parishioner who was working at church during the week and greeted someone who had seen our signage and was curious about the church. This resulted in the person meeting Rev. Deb and expressing his intention to bring his family to church on Sunday!  Walter shared about his family’s experience when they attended Easter service, expressing how welcoming and friendly folks were to them.

PARISH LIFE.  Rev. Deb noted the calendar of events is later on the agenda.

PASTORAL CARE.  Updates were shared on several parishioners. Rev. Deb shared that she is covering pastoral care for The Rev. Kathryn Schreiber while she is on vacation. (Katherine covered for Rev. Deb last week during Rev. Deb’s vacation.)

STEWARDSHIP.  Rev. Deb reported that John Lee has agreed to take on Stewardship this year.  They discussed ideas and are in the preliminary stages of planning.

3.  Buildings and Grounds

Playground Fence. Rev. Deb reported that the contractor Backyard Services (through Home Depot) arrived on Tuesday of Holy Week to sign the contract.  After reviewing the paperwork, Rev. Deb determined that it was not as she had envisioned it in conversation; it had the cement sidewalk included on the playground side of the fence, instead of outside the fenced area of the playground. Changes to the contract were made and the contract signed. The contract correction did not change the price.

Action to reflect corrected amount for playground fence. Rev. Deb explained that the amount approved by the Vestry in the March 21, 2018, email vote for the installation of the playground fence was not correct. The actual amount is $4,020.

It was M/S/C (Luttringer/Dyer) to approve the expense of $4,020 for the playground fence.

Project status.

  • Playground Fence start date. Deb reported that Backyard Services is waiting for something from the manufacturer before work can begin.
  • Goat Fence. The cost of the “goat fence” (i.e. property perimeter fencing) installation is still to be determined. It will be brought to the Vestry for a vote when there is a specific amount. In response to a question, Les explained that the goat fence will replace the old fence along the perimeter, around to the eucalyptus trees.
  • 4.     Calendar overview for Spring. The Parish Life committee will resume soon, with Katie T. and Stan as co-chairs. Meanwhile, the Vestry reviewed event dates for the next few months.
  • Christopher’s Luncheon, Saturday, June 2
  • Bocce Tournament, Sunday, June 10
  • Bishop’s Visit, Sunday, July 1
  • Christopher’s Hawaiian-themed event, Saturday, August 18

It was noted that there may be scheduling issues concerning the August 18 event.  Lynda will check in with the Taylors.

Stan will check in with Jennifer about the summer Parish BBQ dates.

5.     Vestry Retreat – Living Our Mission

Date and Time: Saturday, April 28, 2018

9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Location: USS Potomac, Jack London Square, Oakland

Stan will coordinate picnic-style lunch

6.     Development on adjacent property; request for water easement. Deb reported that in March she received an email from someone representing the developer of the property east of the church on Muir Station Rd., requesting an easement for a sewer line. She responded to the individual that the church’s council of advisors (the Vestry) would need something in writing in order to consider the request. She has had no response.

Last week, another individual, claiming to represent the developer, left a message on the church office phone inquiring about an easement for a water line. Rev. Deb called the person back and left a message stating that we would need something in writing to present to the church’s council of advisors (the Vestry) in order to consider the request. There has been no response.

There was consensus that no deals be made with the developer of the adjacent property.

III.     New Business

  1. Clergy Healthy Balance Initiative Planning Committee. The Diocese is developing a new initiative for clergy wellness, and The Bishop has asked Rev. Deb to sit on the committee.
  2. Yoga at Grace. Another person on the CHBIP committee is the person who put together the Yoga program at Grace Cathedral, which is currently attended by 800 people. This person has offered to help other parishes who are interested in starting a Yoga program. Deb noted that it would provide spiritual, health and evangelism benefits. No objections were expressed to Rev. Deb meeting and gathering more information (who would run it? cost? etc.)
  3. Audit Report from Diocese. Deb reviewed the summary of the 2017 audit.
  4. A New Title. It was M/S/C (Towey/Menconi) to bestow the title of The Marj on Marj Leeds.
  5. Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Lynda Dyer requested the use of the church on September 8 for José’s Eagle Court of Honor ceremony. Jennifer was asked to put this on the church calendar.
  6. Blessing-of-the-Animals-to-Go. Les suggested that we conduct the Blessing of the Animals in a similar fashion to Ashes-to-Go – i.e. out in the community. This idea was met with great enthusiasm. Rev. Deb will turn the suggestion over to the Worship and Liturgy Committee for planning.
  7. Good Friday 2019. In planning for 2019, Rev. Deb shared that she would like to coordinate with other churches to plan a Good Friday procession through town. There was consensus to move ahead with such a plan.
  8. Earth Day Celebration at John Muir House. Deb shared the invitation for us to participate at the Interfaith Booth at the Earth Day Celebration on April 21, at the John Muir House.
  9. Closing Prayer and Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m. with a closing prayer led by Rev. Walter.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Sabroe, Clerk

End of Life Planning Project

The Grace Worship and Liturgy Committee would like to encourage all of Grace’s parishioners to complete their advanced healthcare directive, will or trust, financial planning, funeral arrangements, final instructions and memorial gift planning. Death and dying can be difficult issues to discuss, but it is a great blessing to our loved ones when we plan ahead for our own eventual death. This is especially true for families whose members are of different faiths (or no faith). To that end, we have developed resources about funerals in the Episcopal Church, advance directives, and memorial gifts to the church. These packets are now available in the Narthex and the Parish Hall. You can also find them below. It is our hope that each parishioner will complete a planning packet and provide a copy of it to the church office.

Advance-Directives Q and A Issue fnl

Family Records Organizer Review fnl

Grace Church and DioCal Planned Giving Options Issue fnl

Grace Church Funeral Service Planning Full Page (fnl)


Five Scenarios to use in Advance Directive Section 2 expansion (fnl)

Vestry Minutes from March 14, 2018

  • Present:  The Reverend Dr. Deborah White, Stan Applegate (Sr. Warden), Les Marks (Jr. Warden), Paula Menconi (Treasurer), Lynda Dyer, Pat Hambly, Sally Hanson, Josh Senn, Connie Towey, The Rev. Walter Ramsey (arrived at 6pm)

    Absent: Ron Luttringer

    Guests:  Jennifer Sabroe (Clerk)

    1. Bible Study. “Caring Down and Dirty”


    • Consent Agenda Items – It was M/S/C (Applegate/Towey) to approve: the minutes of the February vestry meeting, Rector’s Report, Senior Warden’s Report, Junior Warden’s Report and the Financial Report.


    1. Old Business


    1. Update on Music. Rev. Deb reported that 3 candidates have been, or are scheduled to be, formally interviewed so far. A total of 10 people have applied. The job announcement is still running in Diobytes. She is hopeful that a decision will be made by Pentecost (May).


    1. Update on Ministry Teams

    SERVICE. The new Outreach Committee had its first meeting on March 4, attended by Denise Hansen, Jennifer Sabroe, Beth Ilog, Mary Canale, Chandra Damele, Nathan Brooks, Walter Ramsey, and Rev. Deb, who sat in for the initial gathering. At the meeting, time was spent explaining to the group the various projects that Grace is currently engaged in, as well as projects that could use a boost — Loaves and Fishes, Warm Hats/Socks/Scarves, Jr. High Backpacks, Adopt-a-Family, Kindness Kits. Time ran out (the meeting was held between services) and the group agreed to schedule a time to continue the discussions, set goals, and decide whether to appoint a chair. Jennifer reported that a date has not been set yet.


    WORSHIP AND LITURGY. Rev. Deb reported that the Worship and Liturgy Committee met earlier in the day (she had to miss due to an emergency concerning Riptide.) Jennifer and Les provided a recap of the meeting. Regarding the location of a children’s area in the sanctuary, it was reported that an informal poll of parents resulted in a preference at the back of the church in the location of the prie dieu (kneeler).  Lynda raised a suggestion about adjusting the timing of when the children come in from Godly Play. There was discussion. Rev. Deb stated that rather than at the Peace, an alternate, appropriate time during the service would be the Offertory. In response to a question about who would sit with the children, Rev. Deb indicated possible options would be volunteers, older children, or parents. Sally suggested that the children add the Peace at the end of Godly Play before coming over to church.  Rev. Deb talked about the Peace as a new thing to our liturgy, added into the 1979 BCP, based on Jesus’s instruction — “you will greet one another with a holy kiss.” Rev. Deb explained that the intention of the passing of the Peace in the liturgy is to greet one another – not “chatting.”


    EVANGELISM. Rev. Deb shared that a new family attending 10:00 was introduced to Grace by way of an Ashes-to-Go interaction at Starbucks.


    EDUCATION. Rev. Deb indicated that Education is still on her list to work on.  She encouraged support of the Faith-full Forums.


    Youth Group met for first time with Jess and Josh last Sunday. Josh reported that they talked about ideas to help the community and bring in more young people. They would like to help with Kindness Kits, but there is a question of parental consent. Rev. Deb indicated that some of the youth have inquired about Stop Hunger Now (new name?) and she suggested they approach the Outreach Committee to partner with them to plan.  Walter offered to send Josh information on Holy Hikes and Bay Area clean-up drives.


    PARISH LIFE. Expressions of thanks were shared for Don Dyer, who has stepped into coordinating St. Patrick’s Dinner, and for Les Marks who has taken on a larger role with pancake breakfasts. Many others, including our young people, are stepping up to help as well.  A Parish Life co-chair or replacement is needed to work with or replace Stan.


    PASTORAL CARE.  Updates were shared on several parishioners.


    STEWARDSHIP. John Lee has offered to chair this year’s Stewardship Campaign; possibly a year-round model.


    1. Update on Buildings and Grounds


    Stump removal. Les reported that the stump grinding has been completed.


    Playground and back perimeter fencing. Rev. Deb reported on the fencing of the playground and outer area (behind the parish hall). After considering several plans, the Buildings and Grounds committee has decided on a proposal to square off the playground to 50’ square and install 5’ fencing to enclose the playground area. The concrete sidewalk would be outside of this fencing. Wood ships from the stump removal will be put down in the playground, over weed cloth. The outer perimeter fencing (replacing the downed fencing along the area behind the parish hall) will be replaced with a “goat fence.”  The estimate for both playground fencing and “goat fence” is $7,000.

    Rev. Deb will confirm this estimate with Don Dyer and send out an email to the Vestry for formal action.


    Upper lot lights. There was discussion of the ongoing question of whether to install lights on the upper lot.

    It was M/S/C (Dyer/Towey) that, at this time, lights on the upper lot will not be installed.


    Gates to upper lot. There was discussion of the ongoing question of whether to install gates at the driveways to the upper lot.

    It was M/S/C to not install gates at the driveways to the upper lot. (Marks/Applegate)

    There was consensus to post signs at the driveways to the upper lot: Property of Grace Church.


    1. Proposal of on-line church directory update. Jennifer reported that she and Rev. Deb have learned about a program for an online church directory that should work for our needs, thanks to the information gleaned from the parish administrator at St. Mary the Virgin, SF.  Estimated cost $500/year. A formal proposal will be presented at a future meeting.


    1. Website update. A new page – titled Sacramental Rites – is in the works on the website that includes information and forms for baptisms, weddings and funerals. A link to the End of Life information and forms is now posted on the home page of the church’s website. Grace Episcopal Martinez is coming up in higher order on Google searches more often, thanks to our online activity.


    1. New Business


    1. 1099 forms. Paula and Rev. Deb reported that we are required to generate 1099 forms for anyone who earns over $600 in a calendar year.


    1. Closing Prayer and Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 6:30 with a closing prayer led by Rev. Deb. The vestry proceeded to the sanctuary to view the newly installed Stations of the Cross.




    Respectfully submitted,

    Jennifer Sabroe, Clerk

    Call to Order and Opening Prayer.  The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Rev. Deb who led the opening prayer and shared an update on her dog Riptide. Mutual Ministry Review. Vestry members shared their thoughts on last week’s special meeting for the Mutual Ministry Review.