Children’s Events

Grace Church children enjoy several special events during the year. They start the school year off with “Rally Day”, a carnival in early September. Next, in October, the “All Hollow’s Eve” party brings out the ghosties and ghoulies for games, creepy treats, and a haunted house. On Christmas Eve, the children take center stage when they use song and story to act out the Christmas story for friends and relatives. The Sunday School fundraiser event of the year is the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner held in March and hosted by the parents and the children; the children always have an amazingly good time decorating the night before, serving, and running the raffle. Easter Sunday brings with it the after-service Easter Egg Hunt, with eggs filled with candy and prizes secreted away by the youth of the church for the younger children. The last big day of the Sunday School Year is “Recognition Sunday”, with certificates, small gifts and a barbecue offered by the adults of the church in recognition of the children’s participation and growth through the year.

Kids Panorama