Grace Church offers many opportunities to connect socially in our parish family. These include:

Men’s Group

Camaraderie, fellowship and fun are the heart of the Grace Church men’s group. Meeting monthly, they explore the spiritual aspects of togetherness, with breakfasts, barbeques, golf, pool and bocce tournaments, a history cruise on the USS Potomac, a butterfly walk along the Martinez waterfront and more. Everyone is invited and welcomed to bring friends to the ever-changing events. We have heard from other churches that they have no problem establishing Men’s Group, but they uniformly have had trouble keeping it going. Our Men’s Group has been active for 10 months each year for the last six years plus.


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Women’s Group

Given the tremendous success of our Men’s Group, the women recently have decided to embark on a similar venture, establishing a Women’s group that will focus on camaraderie, fellowship and fun in a similar model as the Grace Church Men’s Group.


Parish Events

In addition, throughout the year we hold many special events, both fundraisers and simple fellowship events. Among these are:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Dinner – food, fun and fundraiser
  • Oktoberfest Dinner – food, fun and fundraiser
  • Annual Men versus Women Bocce Ball Tournament – fellowship
  • Pasta Dinners – food, fun and fundraiser
  • Movie Nights – fellowship
  • After Service Barbecues – fellowship
  • Annual Auction – food, fun and fundraiser

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October 2014 295 Luau 2

IMG_0608  Stan BBQ