December 2018 Vestry Minutes

Grace Episcopal Church, Martinez, California
Unadopted Minutes of Vestry Meeting, December 12, 2018

Present: The Reverend Dr. Deborah White (Rector), Les Marks (Jr. Warden), Stan Applegate (Sr. Warden), Josh Senn, Paula Menconi (Treasurer), Lynda Dyer, Pat Hambly, Ron Luttringer, The Rev. Walter Ramsey (Deacon)
Absent:   Sally Hanson, Connie Towey

Call to Order and Opening Prayer: The meeting was called to order at 5:01 p.m. by Rev. Deb, who led the opening prayer.


It was M/S/C (Applegate/Marks) to approve the consent agenda packet.


Stewardship: Rev. Deb reported that we have been letting pledges trickle in. Paula Menconi reported that we have received 45 pledges so far. This is 10 thousand dollars less than last year. Paula and Rev. Deb will review the names of folks who pledged last year and who have not pledged yet and
Vestry members will be assigned to do follow-up calls. All were agreeable.

Worship and Liturgy: Rev. Deb reported that the Worship and Liturgy will meet tomorrow. The committee’s suggestion not to have an all-parish meeting about noise in liturgy was respected. Instead, Rev. Deb educated the parish about sacred space. In addition, acolytes were asked (Lynda Dyer) to
bring the Godly Play children in a bit later and more quietly; and liturgical servers (Eucharistic Ministers, acolytes, clergy) will remain in the chancel during the peace to set an example. (Rev. Deb will ask John Lee to send out a request). This appears to have worked as the noise level at
both services has gone down.

Parish Life: Stan Applegate reported that Amy Eudy is doing a great job as Chair of Parish Life and the Pasta Dinner went well. The dessert auction raised enough money to cover the upcoming Trivia Night, which is all set to go.
Thanksgiving at Grace was a big success. Pat Hambly reported that there were approximately 40 people and lots of excellent food. The consensus seems to be to do it again next year as a potluck.

Buildings and Grounds: Rev. Deb reported that the easement agreement between Grace and Discovery has been signed. They now have 3 days to put $65,000 into escrow and 5 days after that to wire it to us. The fee is
non-refundable, regardless of what happens with the development.
Les Marks, Junior Warden, provided an update on Buildings and Grounds concerns:
Outside Pantry and corner foundation. A repair plan has been developed and Les has stabilized the kitchen and pantry doors. Dick Evans is getting an estimate from a contractor for insurance purposes.
Parish Hall sliding door/stairs. The sliding door at the northwest end of the Parish Hall is complete. Jim Maniatis did the work at cost. The outside stairs still need to be installed. Work is in progress. Lynda Dyer has approached several Boy Scouts working toward their Eagle status if they would be interested in completing Eagle projects at Grace.
Kitchen Floor. The floor at the entrance to the kitchen (from the parish hall) is cracked. The B&G committee does not recommend a full repair until the issue of the foundation under the kitchen has been dealt with.
Gutters. The gutters have been replaced. Rev. Deb is still working on the insurance claim. (
Parking Lot. Dick Evans is obtaining an estimate for sealing the parking lot.
Rev. Deb checked in about the Vestry Person of the Day (VPOD) schedule and duty list. Les found one typo, which Rev. Deb will fix.
Rev. Deb asked about lights for the foot of the driveway. Les indicated that the wiring already runs that far; we just need to put the lights in. Rev. Deb will check in with Jim Maniatis. Stan suggested that the Buildings and Grounds committee look at putting more stable fencing behind the Parish Hall as the sharp slope is a hazard with children playing there.

St. Christopher’s Guild. Pat reported on St. Christopher’s Guild. She said that the recent Christmas Luncheon and White Elephant was a success. $1800 was earned. The group will meet Sunday to determine how the money will be disseminated to service organizations. Connie Towey reported (through Rev. Deb) that St. Christopher’s has a current balance of $5,914.31 in
their account. Paula will insert this figure into our budget reporting.

Outreach:  Rev. Deb reported that the Outreach committee had a very fruitful meeting, which included a discussion of the projects that happened in 2018 and plans for 2019. The group talked about making sure that the number and scope of projects was consistent with the size of the parish.
Evangelism: Rev. Deb reported that Jane Ramsey has been writing articles for the Martinez Gazette faith page. She is doing a great job. Rev. Deb has ordered new, more streamlined Grace brochures and welcome cards, as well as handbills for Christmas services. She reiterated that she would like to
see an Evangelism committee at Grace.

Education: The Advent Women Bible study has begun. Plans to expand Adult Education are currently on hold.

Pastoral Care: Leslie Kolesa is doing a great job coordinating the Pastoral Care Committee, which includes Casserole Patrol, Eucharistic Visitors, and communicating with Rev. Deb. The current Pastoral
Care list is at 37. The holidays are really hard for many people.

OFFICE UDATE: Online Directory and Online Giving
Parish Administrator Jennifer Sabroe is preparing the launch.

Hospitality: Hospitality Committee plans remain on hold because the chair has been incapacitated. Tina Reich is doing better, so we hope that this will be organized soon.

Annual Meeting: Rev. Deb reminded the Vestry that the Annual Meeting will be held on January 27, 2019. At that time, we will elect three new Vestry members. The “middler” class (Lynda, Pat, and Ron) reported that they have been talking to people about joining the Vestry and/or being Deanery/Diocesan Convention Representatives. There was some discussion. Rev. Deb reminded outgoing Vestry members that their term does not end until after the Annual Meeting, so they should plan to attend the January Vestry meeting. This is important because the budget needs to
be approved prior to the Annual Meeting.

Rev. Deb Housing Allowance: Rev. Deb introduced her 2019 Housing Allowance Resolution. Federal tax law allows Rev. Deb
to claim part of her salary as a housing allowance and the Vestry must approve the amount prior to year’s end. It was M/S/C (Hambly/Dyer) to approve the housing allowance.

Rev. Deb travel: Rev. Deb thanked the Vestry for granting her time to go to Connecticut to visit her mother, who is doing better. Rev. Deb will return to CT in January to help her mom move. The Vestry previously approved this travel request.

Budget: Rev. Deb reported that when the final pledge reminder calls are completed, we will have all of the components needed to assemble the budget. Marj Leeds is going to draft something, then the Finance Committee will meet, and then Rev. Deb will meet with the Finance Committee. The
budget will be presented to the Vestry at the January meeting.

Lynda Dyer requested $100 for new toys for the nursery. The old ones are neither safe nor attractive. It was M/S/C (Hambly/Senn) to budget $100 for new toys.

Deacon Walter led the closing prayer.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
The Rev. Dr. Deborah White, Rector and Clerk Pro-tem

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