Draft Minutes from October’s Vestry Meeting

Grace Episcopal Church
Martinez, California
Minutes of Vestry October 11, 2017
Present: The Reverend Dr. Deborah White, Stan Applegate (Sr. Warden), Les Marks (Jr. Warden),
Barbara Brooks, Pat Hambly, Sally Hanson, Lynda Dyer, Marj Leeds (Clerk) Absent: Ron Luttringer, John
Heyse Guests: Paula Menconi (Treasurer)
I. CALL TO ORDER AND OPENING PRAYER. The meeting was called to order at 5:06 p.m. by Rev. Deb,
who led the opening prayer.
II. Bible Study – Rev. Deb led the Vestry in bible study related to “Peter’s Great Confession” and our
reflection on our beliefs in Jesus Christ .
III. Consent Agenda Items – It was M/S/A (Dyer and Hambly ) to approve the minutes of the September
13, 2017 vestry meeting , Rector’s Report, Senior Warden’s Report, Junior Warden’s Report and
Treasurer’s Report. The Vestry discussed the need to fund the sabbatical/search account on a
monthly basis. This will be discussed at the next Vestry meeting.
IV. Old Business
1. Update on Music – Deb provided an update on work she is doing with Gary Evans.
2. Update on Ministry Teams
a. Education (Adult Formation) – Plans are moving forward with our faithful forums. In particular
the Screenagers presentation is expected to generate a great deal of interest.
c. Buildings and Grounds – The deck removal was handled efficiently. Signs are going up and work
continues preparing the facilities for the celebration of new ministry.
d. Worship and Liturgy – on hold pending Gary’s illness.
e. Disaster Preparedness – The first meeting was held with initial work related to identifying the
disasters for which we will be prepared.
3. Stewardship – The first 2 steps are complete – a letter to Parishioners and a Stewardship sermon.
The final step is for each Vestry member to contact the people on the list which Jennifer Sabroe is
4. Master Calendar – – the following events are upcoming and were discussed at the meeting
a. October 14th Saturday – Octoberfest – John Heyse is working on food
b. October 21st Saturday – Celebration of New Ministry
c. October 28th weekend – Convention and All Hallows Eve Party on Sunday – Marj Leeds will head
this up
d. November 18th – Italian Dinner and food in gathering
5. Celebration of New Ministry – The proposed bulletin is in the Bishop’s office. Deb is trying to
arrange a dress rehearsal on Sunday after the 10:00 service.
Grace Episcopal Church, Martinez, CA Vestry Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2017
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V. New Business
1. Facilities (Landscape planning) – Stan Applegate has been exploring the idea of having a professional
landscaper do a design for the property. However he has considered this further and believes it is a
better idea to try and get ideas from the congregation on what they would like to see as uses for the
2. Consideration of Employee benefits – The Vestry voted M/S/A (Hanson/Brooks ) to offer the EAP to
the Sexton and Choir Director.
3. Night of light- This is the annual fund raiser for the Episcopal Impact Fund. Deb is on the Board and
is looking for folks to fill a table from Grace Church. The event is Saturday, November the 4th in San
4. Financial (credit card payments) – Paula has been exploring programs to allow people to put their
Church donations on a credit card. This will hopefully include a “Donate Now” button on the
website. Information from the Diocese has been helpful in this process. The price is about 30 cents
per transaction. It was requested that a specific recommendation come forward to the next Vestry
5. Rector time off for Thanksgiving approval – Deb is planning to work Monday of Thanksgiving week
and then preach on Sunday (take off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). Deb had previously cleared
this with the Wardens.
VI. Generative Discussion – Carryovers from Search Process
Lynda Dyer brought forth some concerns that had been expressed by one of our Parishioners. This
led to an excellent discussion regarding the goals that were developed during the Search Process
and our progress towards those goals. The Vestry agreed that while the discussion was productive it
is important that we move forward with the Mutual Ministry Review to effectively address this
issue. The Vestry agreed to schedule the Mutual Ministry Review for February of 2018 and then
each February in the following years. This schedule would allow the new Vestry to engage in the
process and would hopefully lead to alignment and closeness of the Vestry as a team. Lynda Dyer
has the action to contact Denise in the Diocesan office to schedule the review.
VII. Pastoral Care Updates – Deb provided an update on some persons in the Parish.
VIII. Closing Prayer and Dismissal

Respectfully submitted,
Marj Leeds, Clerk

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