Draft Minutes from January’s Vestry Meeting

Grace Episcopal Church

Martinez, California

Minutes of Vestry Meeting January 9, 2018

Present:  The Reverend Dr. Deborah White, Stan Applegate (Sr. Warden), Les Marks (Jr. Warden), Barbara Brooks, Pat Hambly, Sally Hanson, Ron Luttringer, Marj Leeds (Clerk) Absent: Lynda Dyer, John Heyse, and the Rev. Walter Ramsey. Guests: Paula Menconi (Treasurer)


  • CALL TO ORDER AND OPENING PRAYER.  The meeting was called to order at 5:02 p.m. by Rev. Deb who led the opening prayer.  



  • Bible Study – bible study was postponed due to the number of items on the agenda that would likely require extensive discussion.



  • Consent Agenda Items – A correction was made on page 1 of the minutes of the last meeting.  Under old business the date for Gary Evans’ return is actually January 14th.  It was M/S/A (Applegate/Hambly) to approve the minutes of the December vestry meeting as corrected, Rector’s Report, Senior Warden’s Report, and Junior Warden’s Report.  The treasurer’s report was a separate agenda item.  



  • Old Business


The Vestry held a closed session on confidential personnel issues beginning at 5:07 and ending at 5:45.

  1. Update on Ministry Teams
    1. Education (Adult Formation) – Rev. Deb is continuing to work on Faithful Forum presenters. Upcoming presenters include Contra Costa Interfaith Housing, Malcolm Young,and  Rev. Walter to talk about the work of a Deacon, and Don Morgan in April to discuss his book “Fighting with the Bible”.
    2. Youth – Josh and Jess Senn will be the first people to go through the Diocese Safe Church training and then will be off and running with Youth Group.
    3. Worship and Liturgy – Rev. Deb reported that the team met and discussed a number of items including a review of the services at Christmas, changing service music, decorating of the Christmas tree, etc.
  2. Mutual Ministry Review – This item was put on hold as Lynda Dyer was unable to join us.  However, Rev. Deb assured us that Lynda is in conversation with the diocese about a date and details.
  3. Calendar overview for Spring, including Bocce tournament and Bishop’s visit on July 1, 2019 – Stan reported that renting the park for bocce is about $300 and the food is about $200.  This had previously been donated by one of the Parishioners. Stan brought it before the Vestry for discussion and action.  Sally suggested that we have the event and make the donation/underwriting aspect more obvious and ask in advance.  The Vestry agreed.  
  4. Formation of Parish Life Committee (Stan Applegate) – Stan reported that he has half a dozen volunteers.  Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner is Tuesday, February 13th and other events are in the planning.
  5. Financial report – Paula and Marj presented information on 2017 spending including outstanding bills for goats and 4 payroll bills from the Diocese.  The Vestry reviewed the numbers and asked questions for understanding.
  6. Proposed Budget (Paula Menconi and Marj Leeds) – Marj and Paula presented the proposed budget.  They explained how the numbers were put together.  It was M/S/A (Applegate/Hambly) to approve the budget as proposed.
  7. 2019 Vestry slate (Stan Applegate) – Stan announced that our 2019 class of Vestry nominations is Connie Towey, Paula Menconi, and Josh Senn.  
  8. 2019 Diocesan Convention/Deanery Slate (Les Marks) – Les announced that our candidates are Barbara Brooks, Pat Hambly, Les Marks and Mary Canale (alternate).
  9. Announcement of Senior Warden (Rev. Deb) – Rev. Deb announced that Stan Applegate will be the Senior Warden in the upcoming year.  Deb reminded the Vestry that February 10th is the Vestry Training day (Equipping the Beloved Community) and asked that all Vestry members save the date.  It was also noted that the new Vestry will vote on the Junior Warden at their first meeting.


  • New Business


  1. Approval of Window Repair – Les Marks has received an estimate of just under $500 to replace the damaged window in the Sanctuary door with tempered glass.  It was M/S/A (Luttringer/Brooks) to authorize Les to spend up to $500 on the repair.  Rev. Deb noted that one member of the Buildings and Grounds committee had suggested having parishioners do the repair. She acknowledged that we did not totally follow the process by taking the issue first to the Building and Grounds committee, but this needed to be done quickly.  
  2. Annual Meeting Report (format changes) – Rev.Deb informed the Vestry of a change of format for the annual meeting report into the SWEEPS model.  This is part of an attempt to present information consistently and meaningfully, such as the bulletin board using the model of Service, Worship, Education, Evangelism, Parish Life/Pastoral Care, and Stewardship.
  3. Courtesy Resolutions for Annual Meeting –  Rev. Deb recommended that we do a courtesy resolution for John Heyse and Dave Eary at this annual meeting.  The Vestry agreed with the plan.
  4. End of Life Planning Campaign – The Worship and Liturgy Committee is working on a project to help people with planning of their advanced health care directives and final funeral services.  The intent would be to have this information on file in the Parish Office to be used when needed.  The intent is to make a very difficult time easier for the person, their family and the Church.  The project is intended to be done during Lent.


  • Pastoral Care Updates – Rev. Deb provided an update on some persons in the Parish.



  • Dismissal – Rev. Deb dismissed the Vestry at 7:00.



Respectfully submitted,

Marj Leeds, Clerk

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