Grace Episcopal Church Vestry Minutes, April 11, 2018

Present:  The Reverend Dr. Deborah White, Stan Applegate (Sr. Warden), Les Marks (Jr. Warden), Paula Menconi (Treasurer), Lynda Dyer, Pat Hambly, Sally Hanson, Ron Luttringer, Connie Towey, The Rev. Walter Ramsey

Absent:  Josh Senn

Guests:  Jennifer Sabroe (Clerk)

I.     1.  Call to Order and Opening Prayer. The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Rev. Deb who led the opening prayer.

2.  Bible Study. Relationships: Family Expectations

 3.  Consent Agenda Items – It was M/S/C (Hambly/Towey) to approve the consent agenda as presented: the minutes of the March 14, 2018, Vestry meeting, the March 21, 2018, vote by email, Rector’s Report, Senior Warden’s Report, Junior Warden’s Report and the Financial Report.

II.     Old Business

  1. Update on Music Director Search. Rev Deb reviewed Holy Week coverage with respect to fill-in organists. This Sunday [April 15] another candidate will play at the 10 a.m. service. The search committee will then meet to determine finalists and begin reference checking. It is expected a decision will be made before the end of April.   Deb reviewed the committee’s selection process.
  2. Update on Ministry Teams

SERVICE. Outreach still trying to find a date for a meeting for the overall committee. Jennifer and Walter are conferring on scheduling that. Walter will facilitate the Kindness Kits project and get things going soon.

WORSHIP AND LITURGY. The committee meets next week. We’re set for Easter season, with the liturgy in place for the 50 days. There was discussion of the Gloria being used. Rev. Deb said we will give it another week and ask folks what they think (keep or change).

EDUCATION. Adult Formation. The Wednesday morning Bible Study continues with The Good Book Club series and has begun studying the Book of Acts. It’s going well, with good attendance and people seem to be enjoying it. Faith-full Forum on April 15 will feature Dr. Donn Morgan who will discuss his book, Fighting with the Bible: Why scripture divides us and how it can bring us together.  He will preach at the 8 a.m. service and give his presentation after the 10 a.m.

EVANGELISM. Rev. Deb shared a recent interaction between a parishioner who was working at church during the week and greeted someone who had seen our signage and was curious about the church. This resulted in the person meeting Rev. Deb and expressing his intention to bring his family to church on Sunday!  Walter shared about his family’s experience when they attended Easter service, expressing how welcoming and friendly folks were to them.

PARISH LIFE.  Rev. Deb noted the calendar of events is later on the agenda.

PASTORAL CARE.  Updates were shared on several parishioners. Rev. Deb shared that she is covering pastoral care for The Rev. Kathryn Schreiber while she is on vacation. (Katherine covered for Rev. Deb last week during Rev. Deb’s vacation.)

STEWARDSHIP.  Rev. Deb reported that John Lee has agreed to take on Stewardship this year.  They discussed ideas and are in the preliminary stages of planning.

3.  Buildings and Grounds

Playground Fence. Rev. Deb reported that the contractor Backyard Services (through Home Depot) arrived on Tuesday of Holy Week to sign the contract.  After reviewing the paperwork, Rev. Deb determined that it was not as she had envisioned it in conversation; it had the cement sidewalk included on the playground side of the fence, instead of outside the fenced area of the playground. Changes to the contract were made and the contract signed. The contract correction did not change the price.

Action to reflect corrected amount for playground fence. Rev. Deb explained that the amount approved by the Vestry in the March 21, 2018, email vote for the installation of the playground fence was not correct. The actual amount is $4,020.

It was M/S/C (Luttringer/Dyer) to approve the expense of $4,020 for the playground fence.

Project status.

  • Playground Fence start date. Deb reported that Backyard Services is waiting for something from the manufacturer before work can begin.
  • Goat Fence. The cost of the “goat fence” (i.e. property perimeter fencing) installation is still to be determined. It will be brought to the Vestry for a vote when there is a specific amount. In response to a question, Les explained that the goat fence will replace the old fence along the perimeter, around to the eucalyptus trees.
  • 4.     Calendar overview for Spring. The Parish Life committee will resume soon, with Katie T. and Stan as co-chairs. Meanwhile, the Vestry reviewed event dates for the next few months.
  • Christopher’s Luncheon, Saturday, June 2
  • Bocce Tournament, Sunday, June 10
  • Bishop’s Visit, Sunday, July 1
  • Christopher’s Hawaiian-themed event, Saturday, August 18

It was noted that there may be scheduling issues concerning the August 18 event.  Lynda will check in with the Taylors.

Stan will check in with Jennifer about the summer Parish BBQ dates.

5.     Vestry Retreat – Living Our Mission

Date and Time: Saturday, April 28, 2018

9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Location: USS Potomac, Jack London Square, Oakland

Stan will coordinate picnic-style lunch

6.     Development on adjacent property; request for water easement. Deb reported that in March she received an email from someone representing the developer of the property east of the church on Muir Station Rd., requesting an easement for a sewer line. She responded to the individual that the church’s council of advisors (the Vestry) would need something in writing in order to consider the request. She has had no response.

Last week, another individual, claiming to represent the developer, left a message on the church office phone inquiring about an easement for a water line. Rev. Deb called the person back and left a message stating that we would need something in writing to present to the church’s council of advisors (the Vestry) in order to consider the request. There has been no response.

There was consensus that no deals be made with the developer of the adjacent property.

III.     New Business

  1. Clergy Healthy Balance Initiative Planning Committee. The Diocese is developing a new initiative for clergy wellness, and The Bishop has asked Rev. Deb to sit on the committee.
  2. Yoga at Grace. Another person on the CHBIP committee is the person who put together the Yoga program at Grace Cathedral, which is currently attended by 800 people. This person has offered to help other parishes who are interested in starting a Yoga program. Deb noted that it would provide spiritual, health and evangelism benefits. No objections were expressed to Rev. Deb meeting and gathering more information (who would run it? cost? etc.)
  3. Audit Report from Diocese. Deb reviewed the summary of the 2017 audit.
  4. A New Title. It was M/S/C (Towey/Menconi) to bestow the title of The Marj on Marj Leeds.
  5. Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Lynda Dyer requested the use of the church on September 8 for José’s Eagle Court of Honor ceremony. Jennifer was asked to put this on the church calendar.
  6. Blessing-of-the-Animals-to-Go. Les suggested that we conduct the Blessing of the Animals in a similar fashion to Ashes-to-Go – i.e. out in the community. This idea was met with great enthusiasm. Rev. Deb will turn the suggestion over to the Worship and Liturgy Committee for planning.
  7. Good Friday 2019. In planning for 2019, Rev. Deb shared that she would like to coordinate with other churches to plan a Good Friday procession through town. There was consensus to move ahead with such a plan.
  8. Earth Day Celebration at John Muir House. Deb shared the invitation for us to participate at the Interfaith Booth at the Earth Day Celebration on April 21, at the John Muir House.
  9. Closing Prayer and Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m. with a closing prayer led by Rev. Walter.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Sabroe, Clerk

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