Vestry Minutes from March 14, 2018

  • Present:  The Reverend Dr. Deborah White, Stan Applegate (Sr. Warden), Les Marks (Jr. Warden), Paula Menconi (Treasurer), Lynda Dyer, Pat Hambly, Sally Hanson, Josh Senn, Connie Towey, The Rev. Walter Ramsey (arrived at 6pm)

    Absent: Ron Luttringer

    Guests:  Jennifer Sabroe (Clerk)

    1. Bible Study. “Caring Down and Dirty”


    • Consent Agenda Items – It was M/S/C (Applegate/Towey) to approve: the minutes of the February vestry meeting, Rector’s Report, Senior Warden’s Report, Junior Warden’s Report and the Financial Report.


    1. Old Business


    1. Update on Music. Rev. Deb reported that 3 candidates have been, or are scheduled to be, formally interviewed so far. A total of 10 people have applied. The job announcement is still running in Diobytes. She is hopeful that a decision will be made by Pentecost (May).


    1. Update on Ministry Teams

    SERVICE. The new Outreach Committee had its first meeting on March 4, attended by Denise Hansen, Jennifer Sabroe, Beth Ilog, Mary Canale, Chandra Damele, Nathan Brooks, Walter Ramsey, and Rev. Deb, who sat in for the initial gathering. At the meeting, time was spent explaining to the group the various projects that Grace is currently engaged in, as well as projects that could use a boost — Loaves and Fishes, Warm Hats/Socks/Scarves, Jr. High Backpacks, Adopt-a-Family, Kindness Kits. Time ran out (the meeting was held between services) and the group agreed to schedule a time to continue the discussions, set goals, and decide whether to appoint a chair. Jennifer reported that a date has not been set yet.


    WORSHIP AND LITURGY. Rev. Deb reported that the Worship and Liturgy Committee met earlier in the day (she had to miss due to an emergency concerning Riptide.) Jennifer and Les provided a recap of the meeting. Regarding the location of a children’s area in the sanctuary, it was reported that an informal poll of parents resulted in a preference at the back of the church in the location of the prie dieu (kneeler).  Lynda raised a suggestion about adjusting the timing of when the children come in from Godly Play. There was discussion. Rev. Deb stated that rather than at the Peace, an alternate, appropriate time during the service would be the Offertory. In response to a question about who would sit with the children, Rev. Deb indicated possible options would be volunteers, older children, or parents. Sally suggested that the children add the Peace at the end of Godly Play before coming over to church.  Rev. Deb talked about the Peace as a new thing to our liturgy, added into the 1979 BCP, based on Jesus’s instruction — “you will greet one another with a holy kiss.” Rev. Deb explained that the intention of the passing of the Peace in the liturgy is to greet one another – not “chatting.”


    EVANGELISM. Rev. Deb shared that a new family attending 10:00 was introduced to Grace by way of an Ashes-to-Go interaction at Starbucks.


    EDUCATION. Rev. Deb indicated that Education is still on her list to work on.  She encouraged support of the Faith-full Forums.


    Youth Group met for first time with Jess and Josh last Sunday. Josh reported that they talked about ideas to help the community and bring in more young people. They would like to help with Kindness Kits, but there is a question of parental consent. Rev. Deb indicated that some of the youth have inquired about Stop Hunger Now (new name?) and she suggested they approach the Outreach Committee to partner with them to plan.  Walter offered to send Josh information on Holy Hikes and Bay Area clean-up drives.


    PARISH LIFE. Expressions of thanks were shared for Don Dyer, who has stepped into coordinating St. Patrick’s Dinner, and for Les Marks who has taken on a larger role with pancake breakfasts. Many others, including our young people, are stepping up to help as well.  A Parish Life co-chair or replacement is needed to work with or replace Stan.


    PASTORAL CARE.  Updates were shared on several parishioners.


    STEWARDSHIP. John Lee has offered to chair this year’s Stewardship Campaign; possibly a year-round model.


    1. Update on Buildings and Grounds


    Stump removal. Les reported that the stump grinding has been completed.


    Playground and back perimeter fencing. Rev. Deb reported on the fencing of the playground and outer area (behind the parish hall). After considering several plans, the Buildings and Grounds committee has decided on a proposal to square off the playground to 50’ square and install 5’ fencing to enclose the playground area. The concrete sidewalk would be outside of this fencing. Wood ships from the stump removal will be put down in the playground, over weed cloth. The outer perimeter fencing (replacing the downed fencing along the area behind the parish hall) will be replaced with a “goat fence.”  The estimate for both playground fencing and “goat fence” is $7,000.

    Rev. Deb will confirm this estimate with Don Dyer and send out an email to the Vestry for formal action.


    Upper lot lights. There was discussion of the ongoing question of whether to install lights on the upper lot.

    It was M/S/C (Dyer/Towey) that, at this time, lights on the upper lot will not be installed.


    Gates to upper lot. There was discussion of the ongoing question of whether to install gates at the driveways to the upper lot.

    It was M/S/C to not install gates at the driveways to the upper lot. (Marks/Applegate)

    There was consensus to post signs at the driveways to the upper lot: Property of Grace Church.


    1. Proposal of on-line church directory update. Jennifer reported that she and Rev. Deb have learned about a program for an online church directory that should work for our needs, thanks to the information gleaned from the parish administrator at St. Mary the Virgin, SF.  Estimated cost $500/year. A formal proposal will be presented at a future meeting.


    1. Website update. A new page – titled Sacramental Rites – is in the works on the website that includes information and forms for baptisms, weddings and funerals. A link to the End of Life information and forms is now posted on the home page of the church’s website. Grace Episcopal Martinez is coming up in higher order on Google searches more often, thanks to our online activity.


    1. New Business


    1. 1099 forms. Paula and Rev. Deb reported that we are required to generate 1099 forms for anyone who earns over $600 in a calendar year.


    1. Closing Prayer and Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 6:30 with a closing prayer led by Rev. Deb. The vestry proceeded to the sanctuary to view the newly installed Stations of the Cross.




    Respectfully submitted,

    Jennifer Sabroe, Clerk

    Call to Order and Opening Prayer.  The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Rev. Deb who led the opening prayer and shared an update on her dog Riptide. Mutual Ministry Review. Vestry members shared their thoughts on last week’s special meeting for the Mutual Ministry Review.

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