The Survey results are in

Many thanks to everyone who completed the Grace Parishioner survey. The survey is now closed. 

62 people responded to the survey. That is about two-thirds of the congregation. Both 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. parishioners were represented. Parish Leadership has reviewed the data in aggregate, which gives us a good sense of what the majority of parishioners feel about different worship options, music, and communications at Grace. There are several strong trends present and many helpful comments.  Here is a brief synopsis of the results of each of the ten questions we asked everyone to answer:

 How do you feel about Family Sunday? The majority of Grace parishioners like Family Sunday and would like it to continue as it is.
Are you happy with the worship opportunities at Grace? Most folks are happy with the current worship offerings at Grace. There was a trend toward introducing an Evensong service, which the Worship and Liturgy Committee has discussed and decided to try in the fall.
Preaching at Grace: Most people are very happy with the preaching at Grace.
How do you like the music at Grace?: This question generated the most comments, as well as the most varied responses. While some people requested more “traditional” music, others asked for the introduction of some “contemporary” music. There was some confusion about what folks meant by “traditional,” as music that is traditional in one congregation is not the same as in another. Rev. Deb and Arthur Omura, our Music Director, are in conversation about how to best respond to these music concerns. Overall, there was positive response to the idea of beginning a Children’s Choir at Grace. As a result, Arthur (with Amelia Brooks assisting) will be starting a Children’s Choir in the fall.
Would you like more educational opportunities at Grace? There was a great deal of interest in having an online study experience. Rev. Deb is currently working on a weekly podcast. Please share your ideas with her.
Yoga at Grace: It appears that not many people are interested in Yoga at Grace. Leadership will be discussing whether it is worth continuing this program as a community outreach effort.
Communications at Grace: Most people felt that they receive adequate information from Grace. More than half of respondents indicated that they know most of the parish leadership and the primary decision-making criteria at Grace.
Here is some general information, in response to several questions we received:
  • You can receive Grace notes by contacting The Parish Office
  • The Mission statement of Grace is framed in the Narthex of the Church and printed on the bulletin each Sunday. The Vision statement is posted in the Parish Hall next to the light switch.
  • Important Vestry policy and/or financial decisions are always part of the Vestry minutes. If you have questions about a specific policy or decision, you are welcome to speak to any Vestry member or Rev. Deb. The Vestry members’ photos and email addressescan be found in the bulletin each Sunday. Vestry members also introduce themselves during services. You are also welcome to attend Vestry meetings, which are on the second Wednesday of the month at 5 p.m.
  • The minutes of Vestry meetings and current financial information are posted physically on the clipboard on the bulletin board near the door of the Parish Hall and online on The Grace Church Martinez website
  • Information about the SWWEePS acronymn, the difference between a Family and Pastoral-sized parish, and our relationship to The Episcopal Church, has been presented at several successive Annual Parish Meetings and can also be found in Vestry minutes. Rev. Deb also recently posted an article regarding Grace’s relationship to the larger Episcopal Church. For more information about how decisions are made at Grace, please ask a Vestry member or Rev. Deb. They will be happy to talk to you.

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