End of Life Planning Project

The Grace Worship and Liturgy Committee would like to encourage all of Grace’s parishioners to complete their advanced healthcare directive, will or trust, financial planning, funeral arrangements, final instructions and memorial gift planning. Death and dying can be difficult issues to discuss, but it is a great blessing to our loved ones when we plan ahead for our own eventual death. This is especially true for families whose members are of different faiths (or no faith). To that end, we have developed resources about funerals in the Episcopal Church, advance directives, and memorial gifts to the church. These packets are now available in the Narthex and the Parish Hall. You can also find them below. It is our hope that each parishioner will complete a planning packet and provide a copy of it to the church office.

Advance-Directives Q and A Issue fnl

Family Records Organizer Review fnl

Grace Church and DioCal Planned Giving Options Issue fnl

Grace Church Funeral Service Planning Full Page (fnl)


Five Scenarios to use in Advance Directive Section 2 expansion (fnl)

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