Grace Episcopal Church March 6, 2021 Unadopted Vestry Minutes

Present: The Reverend Dr. Deborah White (Rector), Christina Reich, (Sr. Warden), Liz Charlton (Jr. Warden), Amelia Brooks, Chandra Damele, Amy Eudy, Sally Hanson, David Kennedy, Jane Ramsey, Stephanie Zichichi

Guests: Columba Salamony, Field Education Student; The Rev. Walter Ramsey

 Call to Order: Reverend Deb called the meeting to order at 4:26 pm.

This meeting took place at the close of the Vestry’s Annual Retreat.

No Rector’s Report. Rev Deb will be on vacation 4/5 – 4/12/2021. The Sunday, 4/12/21 service will be Morning Prayer will Columba presiding, Rev. Walter preaching, and Arthur Omura running the simulcast.

No Sr. Warden Report. Tina reported that the Items she needed to report are already included in this agenda.

Jr. Warden Report: Liz reported there is going to be a Buildings and Grounds workday prior to our return to indoor worship on 3/20/2021 from 9:30 am to 12 noon.

February Vestry Meeting Minutes: It was M/S/C (Liz/Amy) to approve the February Vestry minutes as corrected: Labyrinth site visit was in February not March.

Treasurer’s Report:

 Year to Date Feb 28, 2021

Actual Budget
Income Year to Date $ 26,729.48 $32,698.00
Expenses Year to Date $ 38,348.89 $37,210.50
Deficit $ 11,619.41 $4,512.50

 Income is $5968 below budget expectation (really bad).  All of the deficit is in pledge income.  $4000 of that $6000 is accounted for (pledgers let me know income would come in later in year).  The Treasurer believes that quite a bit of that pledge deficit is mail delays and is not yet in panic mode.  

  1. Expenses are above budget because the Treasurer intentionally paid an extra month of pension ($1290) to avoid future late charges with mail delays.
  2. Bottom line – We expected a deficit in 2021, but it is even worse than predicted.  We believe we know why, and it will work out that the deficit for the year is $26,882.

Since we are continuing to run a deficit budget, Gary Spenik suggested that we try a Facebook fundraiser to “Close the Gap.” It was M/S/C (Amy/Jane) to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented.

Winter Nights: Tina reported that we are all set to host Winter Nights beginning this Monday through Thursday. Zandonella’s Catering in Martinez will provide four hot dinners:

  • New York Steaks, potatoes, veggies
  • BBQ chicken, baked beans, roasted corn
  • Roasted Pork loin, with a seasoned rice and veggies
  • Roasted Italian Chicken with pasta (creamy pesto) and Veggies.
  • All dinners with come with Dinner rolls, butter chips, side salad and brownies/cookies, silverware and napkins all wrapped up individually (COVID Compliant)

Shopping for breakfast and lunch items will be done Sunday afternoon and delivered early Monday morning. Chandra Damele and Pat Hambly will help deliver dinners to the church where the families are being housed.

 Labyrinth Report: Tina reported that the Labyrinth Committee is on hold until after the April Vestry meeting where we will vote on the amount of funds to devote to the Labyrinth. The site visit last week with the designer, Lars Howlett, went well. A water source runs under our lawn that may affect the design of the labyrinth. Jr. Warden Liz will determine where and how deep the water is. There are essentially three areas of the lawn to re-design: the labyrinth could go in the middle with the area close to the Parish Hall being used for outdoor events and the area near the parking lot for use by the children. We will be bringing three designs to the congregation for a vote once we determine the budget for the project.

Phone Tree: The new phone tree was shared, and one change requested: Michelle Coyle-Sweet will go on Liz Charlton’s list. The calls serve the following purposes:

  • Connect with parishioner – ask how it is going. Pass on any pastoral care concerns to Rev Deb.
  • Share special topics that are announced at Vestry meetings or in between by Rev Deb.
  • The phone tree is activated today for the following items:
  • Regathering: We are on track to have several Easter services as we anticipate approval of worship inside at 25% capacity by then and we hope to have some inside services for Holy Week as well.
  • Ask parishioners if they have questions about anything, i.e., upper lot, etc.
  • Regular check in

Upper Lot: Amy reported that the committee had a great meeting with Kathleen Piraino from the Episcopal Impact Fund (EIF). She recommended a consultant that will do a best use survey to determine what we can and cannot build up there. Consultant fees are $10,000 and the EIF will pay half. They want the congregation to pay half to show that we have a commitment to the project. It was M/S/C (Tina/Jane) to approve $5,000 for the hiring of a consultant for the upper lot project. Discussion: is this the most funding we will put out? Answer: the goal is to spend other people’s money and that is more likely if we do it the right way from the beginning. Passed unanimously.

Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 5pm.



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