Unadopted minutes of the April 14, 2021 Vestry meeting

Present:  The Reverend Dr. Deborah White (Rector), Liz Charlton (Jr. Warden), Chandra Damele, Amy Eudy, Sally Hanson, David Kennedy, Jane Ramsey, Stephanie Zichichi Absent: Amelia Brooks, Christina Reich, (Sr. Warden)

Guests:  The Rev. Walter  Ramsey; Jennifer Sabroe; Sarah Williams, Parish Administrator

M/S/C denotes motion made, seconded and carried. The names following M/S/C in parenthesis denote the persons who made the motion and seconded.

Call to Order and Opening Prayer. The meeting was called to order at 6:39 p.m. and led in prayer by Rev. Deb.

Bible Study. Numbers 11:24-30  The group read and discussed the passage.

Consent Agenda. It was M/S/C (Eudy/Hanson) to approve the consent agenda items: Minutes of last meeting; Rector’s report; Junior Warden’s Report, Treasurer’s report.


 Financial:  Discussed the financial situation, including some strategies for dealing with the deficit.  Vestry members will do short announcements in worship, encouraging financial support of the church’s budget.

 Ministry Updates

 Outreach (Service) The Outreach Committee has not met since the last vestry meeting. Usual projects for this time of year are support of ministry to unhoused people and preparation for backpack ministry to school. Since Martinez schools will return to in-person instruction in September, vestry suggested that Outreach begin researching the need for equipping students with school supplies. Rev. Walter will touch base with Columba Salamony, Seminarian, who is currently convening the Outreach committee.

Worship and Liturgy  The Bishop had a meeting with clergy today and said that indoor worship will be allowed starting on Pentecost, although parishes need to submit a plan again and wait for approval from the Diocese.  The Worship and Liturgy Committee meets with Regathering Committee tomorrow, and will discuss plans.

Family Eucharist the third Sunday of each month will be like the 11:30 service on Easter.  We have created a heavy-duty, laminated, permanent printed bulletin for these Family Sunday services, rather than printing new ones each time.  The music for the service is very child-friendly.

Rev. Deb reported that there will be a baptism this summer. Since the family cannot do it on Pentecost, she is thinking of coordinating with the 150th anniversary committee and doing it for “The Feast of Grace” in July.

 Welcoming (Evangelism): No report as Christina was not present.

Education:  Godly Play continues online.  We might begin having outdoor Godly Play when in-person services begin again.

No Faithful Forum this month.

New Bible Study for the Easter Season.

Antiracism workshop continues.

Book Club continues.

Parish Life:   Stephanie has met with a small group some Sundays.  Rev. Deb would like to have a “Welcome Back” picnic when we start again.  (Our start date will depend on everyone having the opportunity to be vaccinated.  June may be more likely.)

Pastoral Care:  The list is long and keeps getting longer.  Casserole Patrol and Deacon’s Pantry are going fine at the moment.

Stewardship: Rev, Deb received notice of a Stewardship workshop from the diocese. Christina is unable to attend. Amy is interested. Rev. Deb will forward Amy the information.

Buildings and Grounds

Liz reported that she is working on getting the back stair project going.

 Labyrinth: Rev. Deb indicated that the vestry was supposed to vote on a budget for the Labyrinth project at tonight’s meeting. Tina was going to present several options in a range of prices, but since Tina is ill tonight this will be tabled until next month’s meeting.

 Upper Lot consultant update:  Amy reported that the Upper Lot committee met with three consultancy companies.  They decided that they need more information before choosing a company, and might seek referrals for more companies. As soon as the Upper Lot committee makes a decision as to which consultant they prefer they will make a recommendation to the vestry.

 Phone Tree:  Rev. Deb asked for a check-in on how the revised phone tree is working. Amy reported that she enjoyed doing her calls.  Chandra has one person on her list whom she wasn’t able to track down.  Some concern was expressed about some folks who are hard to reach and follow-up was discussed. Mostly it is going well.

Rev. Deb’s MMR: Rev. Deb noted that she is overdue for a Mutual Ministry Review (MMR), which is how the church conducts employee evaluations. It is done in this way because Rev. Deb shares her work with the leadership of the parish so they discuss their work together. Sr. Warden Christina Reich was going to coordinate this process at tonight’s meeting, but since she is ill, this will have to be postponed until next month.


 Informational items to know: 

After the consultant on the Upper Lot gives us a report, there will be a congregational meeting at which the results of the report will be presented.  The vestry will not make a decision on what to do about the Upper Lot until after the whole parish has had the chance to hear the report. Rev. Deb asked the vestry to please spread the word.

The Canon to the Ordinary, Abbott Bailey, is leaving the Diocese for a job in her home Diocese of Virginia.  This means that Rev. Deb, as the president of the Standing Committee, will have more work during the transition period when there is a gap in the leadership.

Rev. Deb indicated she will be activating the phone tree. In the past she has done this at the vestry meeting, but since the structure has changed, she will do it by email.

DISMISSAL  Rev. Walter led the dismissal and the meeting adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Williams

Parish Administrator

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