Recently, the Governor of California issued specific guidelines for the partial reopening of churches in the state. We at Grace have never closed or stopped worshipping. Instead we have been worshipping online in an effort to protect the most vulnerable among us. On May 27 Bishop Marc held a meeting with clergy and lay leaders in the Diocese of California to update the group on several issues. Primary among these was the question of when and how we will begin regathering for in-person worship.
The diocese has put together an official Regathering Team which has been reviewing data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Bay Area counties, and the state government. Having reviewed all of the recent available data on the spread of the COVID 19 virus, Bishop Marc provided the following information:
1) The earliest possible date for in-person regatherings of DioCal churches is June 28.
2) Each congregation has been asked to establish a Regathering Team.
3) Each of these teams must develop and submit a regathering plan that is responsive to the rules set forth by the governor of California, the CDC, and local counties.
4) Each congregation’s regathering plan must be submitted to the diocese and approved prior to regathering.
5) ALL congregations must have completed and approved plans prior to ANY individual congregation regathering.
6) While plans are being finalized, we will continue to simulcast worship and fellowship opportunities as we have been doing.
Our priority is the safety of God’s people and caring for the most vulnerable, as Jesus instructed us to do. Please join us for any and all of our worship opportunities.

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