Weddings at Grace

Holy Matrimony at Grace
We are pleased that you are interested in being married at Grace. We believe that “marriage is intended by God for [your] mutual joy” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 423). To that end, we are eager to make your wedding a joyful and meaningful experience. Even more importantly, we want to help build the strongest foundation for your marriage in the many years to come.
Weddings at Grace Episcopal Church Martinez conform to the doctrinal and liturgical practices of the Episcopal Church, which requires all couples to attend premarital counseling with an Episcopal priest, and if desired, with a certified marriage and family counselor.

One of the most challenging and rewarding of human relationships, marriage is meant to be lived out in a community of faith where it can be nurtured and supported by others. Within a faith community, marriage is regarded as a sacrament—as an outward sign of an inward spiritual blessing.  As you prepare for your wedding, and after you are married, we encourage you to get involved in the life of Grace Church.

For more information please contact our Parish Office to arrange to meet with Rev. Deb (925-228-6574).  Filling out the form below will also assist her in understanding your desires for your special day.