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Loving our Neighbor Nearby

Grace is a loving community of faith and we support one another during times of trouble and share our joys as well! Here are some of the ways we make sure we are available to our parish family.


Clergy care

The clergy of Grace are available to parishioners in times of illness or other emergency needs.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Lay Eucharistic Visitors are members of the congregation who volunteer to bring Holy Communion to individuals who are unable to join us for our worship in person. This reminds our members that we remain in community even when we are separated by distance and that "we are all one body because we all share one bread and one cup." To find out more contact Reverend Deb.

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Connected Congregation

We like to keep in touch with all of our parishioners so we developed a phone tree so that we can check in with everyone on a regular basis. This came in handy during the pandemic when we wanted to be sure that no one was isolated. To join, contact our Parish Administrator, Sarah Williams.

Buildings and Grounds
Work Days

We believe it's good to get our hands dirty and to take care of our property and have fun doing it so you will often see a group of us doing just that on Saturday mornings.

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