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Children's Homily for 12th Pentecost, August 15, 2021: The Magic Cup of the Holy Spirit

The Rev. Steve Sturgeon

Based on idea from Dollar Store Children Sermons (

Invite young and young at heart. Talk about Apostle Paul’s letter to some Christians in Ephesus. Giving advice about living a Christian life.

Uses the phrase, “Be filled with the Spirit,” to talk about how our lives can change for the better when we believe in Jesus and do the things Jesus asks us to do.

What are some things Jesus asks his followers to do? Be nice, love one another, play fair, take care of people, feed people.

The idea of being filled with the Spirit can sometimes be hard for us to imagine or visualize, so I want to show you something to help you remember this idea.

One way we are filled with the Spirit is when we are baptized and water is poured on us. So I want to pour some water into a cup to remind us of our baptism.

I have here a coffee cup with a picture of Bob Ross on it. He’s someone your parents might know about, he has a program on TV where he paints pictures. And the cup features one of his favorite sayings, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

So I’m going to pour some water in this cup, and look what happens!

Just like adding water to this cup transforms it, so too the waters of baptism can transform us, and fill us with the Spirit.

Thank you for joining me this morning.

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