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Children's Homily for April 15, 2018: Mission Possible (The Rev. Dr. Deborah White)

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

How many of you guys have heard of the movie, “Mission Impossible”? (Give them a chance to answer). "Mission Impossible" is a movie series now, but a lot of grown-ups probably remember it as a television show from when we were younger.

"’Mission Impossible’" is a spy story with a lot of mystery and excitement. On the old television show, it always began the same way -- secret agent Jim Phelps would receive a tape recorded message which said, ‘[Good morning] Jim. Your mission, if you choose to accept it is...’ and then it would give him an assignment which seemed impossible to accomplish. Of course, he always accepted the assignment. [Then] he would then choose a group of agents -- each one with a special talent -- who would help him to accomplish his mission. As you might guess, the super-secret agents of the ‘Impossible Mission Force’ were always able to complete their missions.”[1]

So, what has this got to do with the gospel story that we just heard? (Give them a chance to answer). Well, remember that on Good Friday – way back like two weeks ago –we heard the story of how Jesus died. (Give them a chance to answer). And on Easter, we heard the story of how his friends went to visit his grave and he was not there! He had risen! (Give them a chance to answer). But in today’s story, who showed up to see them? (Give them a chance to answer). That’s right – Jesus! And that was really weird, because they knew he had died and yet, there he was! What do you think they thought? (Give them a chance to answer). That’s right – they thought he was a ghost! But then he ate with them AND talked to them and they knew he couldn’t be a ghost. That seems IMPOSSIBLE, doesn’t it? (Give them a chance to answer). But it wasn’t impossible, because NOTHING is impossible for God!

Okay, so when Jesus talked to his friends, he asked them to do something for him - something that seemed very hard. He asked them “to tell the whole world about Jesus' love and forgiveness. Now, that [might] seem to be an impossible mission for a group of boys and girls, but it isn't. [That’s because] we don't have to do it alone. The Church, like the "Impossible Mission Force," is made up of many people [and] each of us has been given special talents to help accomplish the mission. If we choose to accept our mission, then ‘Mission Impossible’ becomes ‘Mission Possible.’”[2]

So, here’s what we’re going to do. First, we are going to put on our Super-Secret Agent Mission glasses. (Hand out sunglasses). Then, I am going to hold up cards that each have a special Impossible Mission Force Agent Talent on them. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to think about which of these talents – these gifts from God – that you have. Then when I give you the card, your mission possible is to go out and use your talent to tell people about Jesus and how he loved us and told us to love other people. What do you think? Can you do it? (Give them a chance to answer). Okay, here we go! (Give out cards). Now, there may not be one for each of you – but don’t worry! More than one person can have the same talent and that’s good, because that’s more people doing good things for Jesus! AND, if you don’t see one that says what you think is your special talent, you can take a blank card and write your talent on it to show me later!

Okay – does everyone have their mission? (Give them a chance to answer). And everyone agrees to try to do their mission? (Give them a chance to answer). Good – and what do we say in church when we agree? (Give them a chance to answer). That’s right. AMEN. AMEN.

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