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Children’s Sermon for July 16, 2017 (10 a.m.): Good Seeds (The Rev. Dr. Deborah White)

Today I am going to read you a story and then you can tell me what it means. Ready, here we go:

Reading of the parable of the sower.

Okay. Who can tell me what the story was about? (Give them a chance to answer). That’s good. So, how many of you have ever planted anything? (Give them a chance to answer). So what do you have to do to make the plant grow? (Give them a chance to answer). What happens if you don’t do those things? (Give them a chance to answer). You want me to tell you a secret? I am very bad at growing things. I forget how much to water things and whether they should go in the sun or in the shade and whether I should leave them alone or try to help them grow. Are you good at growing things? (Give them a chance to answer). Good for you!

Well, here’s a strange idea in the story we heard. The idea is that we can’t always make things grow the way they’re supposed to. Even if you are good at planting and growing things like you – or if you are not very good at growing things like me, sometimes things just don’t grow. Things happen to them. The question is, does that mean we should stop planting things? (Give them a chance to answer).

So, I’m going to tell you another secret. This one is about Jesus. Sometimes he didn’t make any sense. How many grown-ups out there think they understand all of the things Jesus said? (Give them a chance to answer). Sometimes Jesus tells us things that are not completely clear – like telling us to plant seeds, but not telling us how to make sure all of them grow! But he always tells us at least one thing we can try to do to make things better for people and in this story he tells us one thing that we should do. Who knows what it is? (Give them a chance to answer). That’s right: We should keep planting seeds! Because, even though all of the seeds may not grow, the ones that will grow will grow really well.

Does anyone know how many flowers you might get if you planted one seed? Well, from this story, it seems like it might be seven. But what Jesus says that if you keep planting seeds, you can get like seven hundred flowers! Is that a lot? (Give them a chance to answer). I think so too! So, what should we do? (Give them a chance to answer). That’s right: keep planting seeds! I agree. And, who remembers what we say when we agree in church? (Give them a chance to answer). Amen. And if you agree, you say it too (Amen).

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